At tasting events we have answered many questions about our products.

Here are our answers...

How many tomatoes go into a PP Fruits sachet?

That obviously depends on the weight of the tomatoes. We use between 700 and 800 grams of fresh tomato, so three or four tomatoes. Our fruit aren't standardised, and we use medium sized tomatoes as well as larger ones that can barely fit in a hand.

Why do PP Fruits diced tomatoes stay fresh for so long?

This is thanks to the high pressure process that destroys the micro-organisms that are naturally present in the ground and on the tomato skins.

What differences are there between PP Fruits tomatoes and traditional tomatoes?

Our tomatoes grow in open land in France, allowing the absorption of all the goodness present in the soil, which our organic growers do not treat with any form of chemical. This is true of less than 4% of French tomato production.

How many days can the product be kept once the pack is open?

5 days after opening in the fridge. The sachet re-closes easily. Try to take your sachet out of the fridge 20 to 30 minutes prior to using it so you can best appreciate its flavour.

Can the different varieties of diced tomatoes be mixed?

This is even recommended, especially in salads! The mixture of colours and flavours of our heritage varieties will give you a sensory delight!

What advantage does high pressure pasteurising have over the traditional type?

This innovative cold-pasteurisation technique preserves the flavours and colours of the various varieties, as well as the vitamins that are normally destroyed by the heat.

How long can an unopened sachet be kept in the fridge?

Our diced tomatoes and tomato juice can both be kept for 10 months thanks to the high-pressure process, and this is without using any additives or conservatives! Try to remember to look at the best-before date (DLUO) on the back of your sachet

Should sugar be added when cooking PP Fruits diced tomatoes?

It's not worth it. Our fresh tomatoes are naturally sweet and contain double the nutrients as tomatoes not grown in open soil.

How should diced tomatoes be used?

Just like a good old tomato! For example, raw on toast with a sprinkle of good quality sea salt and a dash of olive oil; or cooked in any recipe where you would normally use tomatoes. Take a look at the "OUR RECIPIES" section for some tasty ideas!

Why aren't the diced sections all a standard colour?

We work together with our growers to select organically grown heritage tomatoes for their flavour. Unlike industrialised tomatoes, our tomatoes are not standardised and are not selected based on their appearance. Our organic tomatoes are naturally imperfect on the outside, and fantastic on the inside.

Can these products be frozen?

No, freezing isn't recommended because freezing damages our diced tomatoes in the same way as it would a whole tomato

Why do the black and yellow diced sections seem to be more broken up?

These varieties of tomato require longer to mature to get the most out of their flavour, but this makes the pulp more fragile.

Can the diced tomatoes be cooked in the microwave?

Yes, of course, you just need to open the sachet and place it in for two minutes at 600W. This type of cooking is a quick and easy way of preparing a sauce, with a bit of seasoning and some cheese for example.

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