Our company

PP Fruits is a family company specialised in preserving and processing Fruit and Vegetables. Our company is based in Beaupréau, in the region of Nantes, right at the heart of the farming land in the Pays de Loire.

We offer products based on heritage varieties of tomato, with exceptionally tasty sweet flavours and an appetising variety of colours: Beef Tomato, Andes Horn, Yellow Pineapple, Black Krim, Rose de Berne, etc.

High pressure pasteurising is a technology that is based on applying pressure through water.

As if our sachets were taken to the bottom of the ocean and back, our products are subjected to a very high pressure that destroys micro-organisms. This pressure is identical at all points and doesn't destroy the product. Thanks to this procedure you can keep the products for 6 months in your fridge (without additives).