PP Fruits has developed a diced tomato range with an unparalleled quality for use by professionals.

The tomato is an essential ingredient in a wide range of different cooking styles, whether French, Italian or something a bit more exotic. Many tomato based dishes suffer from a high level of acidity, a lack of aromatic intensity, or a standardised flavour.

DICED TOMATOES - 800 g Sachets
FRUIT SALAD - 600 g Sachets

We aim to supply products that are ideal for catering, without additives, using traditional heirloom varieties of French tomatoes that are grown organically in "open soil" and hand picked in season. Our range respects the differences in flavour and the colours of each variety we work with: Andes Horn, Beef Tomato, etc,

These are raw ingredients, 100% tomato with no additives but with a long best-before date, that adhere to a 'home-made' philosophy.

We offer the very best tasting tomatoes, and we can now do this all year round thanks to a unique high-pressure pasteurising technique. This process, already used to provide caterers with premium quality crustaceans, means that we can supply a combination of flavour and colour that is sure to stimulate culinary creativity in professionals or simply provide a premium quality product throughout the year.

Adding authenticity to your menu, this is a strong selling point that can help to attract customers. We can guarantee the full traceability of the growing region, the farm name and the variety used for every sachet.

Packaged in a case of 10 sachets that is suitable for professional use. Fresh produce to be stored under 8°C.

Contact our sales department to choose the varieties and forms that best suit your requirements.